You can expect a smooth, frustration-free experience, when choosing Brandstring for your business naming service.

Some Helpful Trademark and Branding Information:

Like mentioned on our homepage, the brand names and logo designs we own are free and clear of any and all active trademarks; This means you are have a green light to launch your new website implementing the purchased brand domain name and logo for your business without worry of confusing customers with another business or interfering with someone else's existing company. 

 A large portion of brand names you can think of right now, are made up from scratch essentially; Google, Verizon, Lexus etc. These names are highly catchy and memorable, and are in the same category of the brand names we offer, making it extremely easy to file a business registration application later. For further brand protection, any time after your purchase and domain name ownership, you may trademark your new company name with options such as The United States Patent and Trademark Office ( ) or

Owning a quality and distinctive brand .com domain name that is simply read, said and understood is an extremely valuable asset to You as a business owner, and much quicker for your customers ( most important ) to understand and engage with. Owning the shorter and direct "", for example, instead of settling for "" always proves more established, dedicated and respectable in the eyes of customers. 

The Quality of Our Business Domain Name Brands

An excellent branded domain name is paramount when starting a new business, it's the brand foundation and the first things customers see. Millions of domain names have been sold for thousands, tens and even hundreds of thousands of dollars since the creation of the internet 30 years ago, with some fetching record Million dollar pricetags. Many factors go into these prices of course such as daily traffic for more descriptive domain names, as well as keyword content and popularity, level of overall brand-ability, etc. We price our names according to not only the industry standard for highly brand-able business domain names, but of course the cost of acquiring these names, time spent working directly one on one with our customers designing their business logo concepts, constantly maintaining our brand domain assets over numerous years and also factoring in their extreme potential and appeal in the business world. Another thing to consider is that no-one else owns that same individual .com domain name in the world, once it is claimed, that is practically it! People can settle for a much cheaper, second-rate .net - but when you think about it, how many websites have you been advertised to or heard about, visited and shopped with that were Not .com? The fact is that .com is the undisputed king of the internet. It is an extremely valuable asset for any business, and picking the right brand domain name over a lesser one can seriously be life-changing in a business setting.  

Our Easy Branding Process - What happens after I make a purchase with Brandstring?

We immediately get in touch and begin relinquishing ownership of your new branded domain name over to you. This is a simple and very quick process, depending on whether there is a domain name "push" or "transfer" from us to you, with your preferred domain registrar ( more details below ). We make sure this premium domain name asset arrives perfectly in your account, immediately ready for your use and development. You are never left hanging or confused on any steps, rest assured.

We'll also request your ideas for your new custom business logo to be designed. You are free to use the basic concept logo idea we have displayed for any of our logos, or have a new design done immediately. 

We promise to knock your design out of the park, with a rough draft concept design sent to you shortly after gathering your details. Once a design is confirmed and agreed upon, you can expect a professionally appealing, genuine finished and Copyright free concept business logo presented to you, exactly how you want it, within 24 hours of confirmation. If you don't already have a concept of what you'd like your business logo to be - No problem, we'd love to help bring some ideas to the table absolutely free of charge.

We will then transfer all logo files to your email. These include all JPG, PNG, as well as editable versions such as AI and EPS files. 

*After these steps have been completed, we remove all pages, details and logo concepts of your purchase forever. If you would like to leave a review with us, we will only display minor details regarding your purchase If you so choose. We never disclose exact information or the brand domain name or logo concept to the public.

Receiving your new branded domain name

We will guide you step by step with this quick and simple process. It takes just a few minutes.

PUSH: (RECOMMENDED) If time is a concern, we suggest choosing a registrar that matches the current brand domain name's registrar it is held with, as the "push" process is usually immediate, with the majority occurring within just 5-15 minutes. This process is always free with domain registrars. We will request your account number with your matching registrar account, and initiate the brand domain "push", placing it into your account, completely in your possession and out of ours. EXAMPLE: is registered with, so you would make a free account, and we would push to your new account, occuring usually within just a few minutes, and is free. ) 

Transfer: If you would prefer a separate domain registrar that is different from the current one, this is called a "transfer", and takes anywhere from 1 - 7 days to complete and show ownership in your account, depending on the gaining/releasing registrar. Registrars also charge $7.99 - $9.99+ for domain transfers, where as a "push" is free of charge with all registrars, and much easier. (EXAMPLE: is registered with, but you want to use as your registrar, we would initiate a transfer process that could take 1 day, or up to 7 days to complete. Also Godaddy would charge $7.99 ) 

*Some brand domain names may be transfer locked, these names will have to be PUSHED ( simple, and free of charge ) easily to your free account with its matching registrar. Later on down the road, it is your responsibility to keep your brand domain name renewed with your registrar. Renewals cover 1 year of time for your domain name, and usually only cost around $7 - $10 ( check your registrar pricing).

That's it! Now start building an epic website, and getting customers aware of your new Brand!