Simplified branding, completely frustration-free.

We know naming a business can be tricky, sometimes even daunting. We have spent years collecting bright and unique names hand-picked by our branding professionals. 

After you've purchased a name from Brandstring, We immediately get in touch within minutes getting started on relinquishing ownership of your new brands website domain name. Please have a preferred domain registrar in mind ( mentioned in further detail below ) and make a quick free account with them. In the meantime, we'll begin gathering your ideas for your custom logo preferences for our design team. If you don't already have a concept of what you'd like your business logo to be - No problem, we'd love to help bring some ideas to the table free of charge.

Receiving your brand domain name

Let us do all the heavy lifting with the domain push / transfer process. It's quick and easy, we promise!

Some examples of domain registrars are,, and, etc.

PUSH: (RECOMMENDED) If time is a concern, we suggest choosing a registrar that matches the current brand domain name's registrar it is held with, as the "push" process is usually immediate, with the majority occurring within just 5-15 minutes. This process is always free with domain registrars.

Transfer: If you would prefer a separate domain registrar that is different from the current one, this is called a "transfer", and takes anywhere from 1 - 10 days to complete and show ownership in your account, depending on the gaining/releasing registrar. Registrars also charge $7.99 - $9.99+ for domain transfers, where as a "push" is free of charge with all registrars, and much easier.

*Some brand domain names may be transfer locked, these names will have to be pushed ( simple and free of charge ) easily to your account with its matching registrar. It is your responsibility to keep your new domain name renewed with your registrar. Renewals cover 1 year of time for your domain name, and usually only cost around $9 ( check your registrars pricing).