A few of our most common questions

If a brand name you offer is similar to an existing business, does this mean I should avoid purchasing it to avoid issues later?

In short, no. The names we offer do not infringe in anyway to existing businesses. For example, 'LAIKA LLC Stop-motion animation studio' has only one letter difference from the food and goods cracker company 'LAIKI', and we offer the premium business brand name LIAKI; None of these will ever conflict morally or legally with each other because they are all separate business entities in totally different business industries, with our brand LIAKI not being developed yet. ( It would be wise not to launch it into either a cracker company or stop-motion animation studio though, just to avoid any actual potential confusion! ).

What is your refund policy?

We recommend the most due diligence before making a purchase with us, as we cannot issue a refund once a branded domain name transfer has been initiated. Please get in touch with us if you desire a refund before this process has begun, and we will gladly refund you every cent right back to your funding source.

Have any additional questions not covered? Please get in touch! support@brandstring.com