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Craig Polens


"very helpful, easy process. no complaints whatsoever thanks"

Patricia S.


"the brand domain transfer went really well and my logo looks amazing, thank you!."



"went with more expensive 5-letter that was super catchy had to have it. was seriously done with transfer to my GoDaddy account in a few minutes, logo shortly after, thank you! very impressed"

Peter R.


"answered all questions I was confused on the transfer process going in but they made it much simpler than expected, logos great"

Chenn Kiabichi


"thank you all went well! money well spent"

Emma Jensen


"my husband and I couldnt decide on 3 different names for our bakery here in Sacramento, but narrowed it down finally, the transfer process was simple and to the point, they sent me a few different logo variations. husband and I are happy! thanks brandstring!"

James Shaw


"responded super fast, very satisfied"

Video testimonial submissions receive 5% purchase price back to funding source. MUST INCLUDE: Summary of overall branding experience highlighting domain transfer and logo creation process. 

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